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So, you've been on a few courses but you're still a little afraid or just not quite confident yet, in your choices or need a bit more help...sound familiar? There's plenty of business and wellness coaches out there...right? 

It's only when you come to work with your first client that it really hits home...well, I've certainly been there, we all have. We all have to start somewhere. You may not need help for too long or you may want a sounding board until you feel more confident or have a few more clients under your belt.


That's where interior design coaching comes in, from a very experienced interior designer, one who can coach you through whatever design issues you have.


For not much more than an hourly rate per month, we can offer one to one coaching with an experienced, (30 years) senior interior designer and business owner. Many of the issues and problems you are experiencing, we've been there. This confidential, one to one service, will help you and you only, become a better interior designer and a better business person.  We do not take on countless designers. There is a limit to how many we can help at any one time. Our experienced designers have vast experience of both residential and commercial projects, both very large and small.


You can be a new or an experienced designer. Many designers work alone and don't have anyone to bounce ideas off or anyone to discuss client or design issues with. It could even be a CAD or software problem you are struggling with, so this can be a great way to continue learning and growing.

Our commitment to you is to help you with tips and ideas and business advice that you may wish to adopt. We will help you look at the whole or bigger picture for you to come to an informed decision, if you need help and advice. This could be design advice, i.e space planning, furniture ideas, colour choices, costing advice...anything you come across in interior design. It could be advice on how to present your design and what questions to ask.

It costs just £75 per month, for a commitment of at least 3 months. The longer you subscribe, the more content you will receive.

For a little more than an hourly rate (yes, you should be pricing yourself correctly) you will get access to:

2 x one to one, 1hr meetings (virtually or at the studio) per month where you can discuss anything related to interior design and interior design business. These will be scheduled in by agreement. If a session is booked and you fail to turn up, you will forfeit the session. Sessions can be rebooked with at least 2 days notice. Please ensure you check your diary before booking your session. We do not encourage cancel culture and neither should you, with your clients.


CAD template with your details on

space planning blocks - 1 collection per month

interior design business templates - 1 per month

social media templates - 1 per month

CAD 'how to' videos - 1 per month

Photoshop 'how to' videos - 1 per month

special offers and discounts for courses, one to one's & special events

useful Photoshop images & textures

any useful bonus content

Once you subscribe, you will be contacted to choose your 2 x 1hr slots for that month and given access to the 1st month's content. Times for your one to one session can be early morning, lunchtimes, evening. It's flexible to suit.  To make the best use out of your hours, write down the topics you want to cover beforehand.

You are not tied into any long contract, just an initial 3 months. Stop subscribing and your access and one to ones' will stop too.