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our big vision

Here at Interior Design & CAD Workshops, we believe that a well-designed space can help nurture you and your family.


Your home should be a safe space that can empower you to make better decisions and take positive steps towards a brighter future.


We are partnering with housing associations, local councils and other charities and not for profits to ensure we help those most in need.

Relaxing at Home

design to help

We will take a brief from you so you are completely involved in the process...it's YOUR home.


We will endeavor to ensure it's the best space it can be for YOU, whether that's a space for relaxing and being able to think or a space you want to feel energized in.


Get involved with our furniture upcycling programme to refurbish items that can be used to help others.

Wood Furniture

get involved

If this resonates with you, reach out and get in touch with us.


Can you donate your time or do you have home items to donate so we can design spaces for positive change for families and people who need them?


Can you donate any small amounts so we can help those who need it with counselling and purchasing items we need to complete a scheme?